About Me

Lindsey C. Bianco, the creative force behind Tarot-CardReadingSpecialists.com, possesses a life story as rich and multifaceted as the Tarot cards she so passionately interprets. Born on a snowy December morning in 1982 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Lindsey’s early life was steeped in a blend of ancient Celtic mysticism and modern intellectual vigor, deeply influencing her future path.

Her mother, a literature professor, and her father, an art historian, nurtured in Lindsey a deep appreciation for history, art, and storytelling. This appreciation later became the lens through which she viewed the Tarot. Lindsey’s childhood home was filled with books, paintings, and tales of Scottish folklore, which sparked her imagination and kindled a lifelong fascination with symbolic narratives.

Lindsey’s interest in Tarot began in her teenage years. She was gifted her first Tarot deck at the age of 15 โ€“ a classic Rider-Waite deck โ€“ by her grandmother, who was a respected local herbalist and amateur astrologer. This gift was more than just a set of cards; it was an inheritance, a passing down of wisdom and tradition. Lindsey spent countless hours studying each card, captivated by their imagery and the stories they told.

After excelling in her studies, particularly in English Literature and Psychology, Lindsey attended the University of Glasgow. Here, she delved into the history of esoteric traditions, mythology, and Jungian psychology, seeking to understand the deeper layers of the human psyche and the archetypal symbolism found in Tarot. She also became actively involved in various spiritual and divination communities, both online and in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Post-graduation, Lindsey traveled across Europe, immersing herself in different cultures and spiritual traditions. She spent time in the historic cities of Prague and Rome, studied Kabbalah with a teacher in Jerusalem, and attended a series of workshops on psychic development and mediumship in London. These experiences greatly expanded her understanding of Tarot and its universal applicability.

In 2010, Lindsey settled in London, where she began her career as a professional Tarot reader. She quickly gained a reputation for her insightful, compassionate, and articulate readings. Her clients ranged from young professionals seeking direction to seasoned spiritual seekers exploring deeper truths. Lindsey’s readings were unique in that they combined traditional Tarot interpretations with psychological insights and historical context.

The idea of Tarot-CardReadingSpecialists.com came to Lindsey during a meditation retreat in the Scottish Highlands in 2013. She envisioned a digital platform that would not only offer Tarot readings but also educate and connect people with the rich tradition of Tarot. By combining her extensive knowledge with her technical skills (self-taught during her travels), Lindsey began building her website.

Launched in 2015, the website quickly became a popular destination for those interested in Tarot. It offered a range of services from personalized readings to online courses on Tarot interpretation. Lindsey also began writing a blog, where she shared her insights on individual Tarot cards, reading techniques, and historical tidbits about the Tarot’s origins.

One of the unique aspects of Lindsey’s approach to Tarot is her emphasis on storytelling. She believes that each Tarot reading is a narrative, a journey through the past, present, and potential futures. Her background in literature and psychology enables her to weave these narratives in a way that is both meaningful and empowering to her clients.

Lindsey’s reputation as a Tarot specialist has led to numerous opportunities. She has been invited as a speaker at various spiritual and wellness events, has conducted workshops on Tarot reading and interpretation, and has been featured in several podcasts and online publications.

Despite her success, Lindsey remains grounded and deeply committed to her personal spiritual practice, which includes daily meditation, yoga, and ongoing study of various mystical traditions. She believes in the continuous journey of learning and self-discovery, and this belief is at the heart of her work with Tarot.

Today, Tarot-CardReadingSpecialists.com stands as a beacon for those seeking guidance, knowledge, and a deeper connection with the spiritual aspects of their lives. Lindsey C. Bianco, with her unique blend of scholarly wisdom, intuitive insight, and a genuine desire to help others, continues to inspire and guide countless individuals through her website and her Tarot readings. Her life and work are a testament to the transformative power of Tarot and the enduring quest for understanding the mysteries of life.